We always offer

  • Certified deliveries
  • Just-in-time operations
  • Unlimited availability of components
  • Humidity-controlled warehouses protected against dust and electrostatic discharge
  • Focused quality and delivery control
  • Date code and batch processing

Three service alternatives tailored for you

We offer a great deal of flexibility in the supply chain as an procurement and logistic partner for your production and R&D. Simply choose the alternative(s) that suit you best. The extent to which you use us is entirely up to you.



Purchase of individual components. Advantageous for anyone who needs access to a wide range of components from all over the world.



Material kits

Complete material kits. Ideal for anyone who wants to avoid maintaining stock and who wants to streamline procurement for production in fewer steps.


An onsite warehouse, at your disposal. The obvious choice for anyone who needs access to a range of components without having to think about it.

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