Our model for success

By focusing on the right time, the right cost and the right quality, we meet your delivery requirements.
Take advantage of our successful business model, which guarantees your production at no additional cost.

Delivery precision

We make sure your components are available

Thanks to our business model as a procurement and logistic partner, we can purchase components from the producers of your choice. This means we can offer you an unlimited range of electronic components from manufacturers all over the world.

Our global network of contacts also gives you access to components that might be in short supply at the moment. We thus ensure your ability to deliver.

Eliminate your risk factors

We can help you to easily eliminate the risk factors that pose a threat to reliable production. You do not have to purchase excess numbers of components just to be on the safe side. You are not at the mercy of middlemen who jeopardise your delivery commitments. You will not be affected by illnesses in the purchasing department or when people with important contacts leave your company. By becoming our partner, you become less exposed to interuptions.

Cost efficiency

You do not pay more for ensuring that components are always available

Through our sourcing experts, we can ensure that components are always available for our customers at no additional cost.
You will not have tied-up capital, excess inventories, obsolescence, unnecessary work or unexpected production stoppages due to items on backorder, and you will have a better flow of goods.

It has never been easier or more cost-efficient to streamline your production.

Logistic solutions

On-demand solutions through kanban

We constantly monitor the range of components on the world market and are experts in procurement, handling components and coordinating purchasing and deliveries.

We implement kanban in order to offer efficient logistics to any customer who wants to or is in a position to optimise deliveries with regard to time or current prices. Westcomp lets you secure your supply chain, on your terms.


Reliability is standard

Westcomp is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Our quality system is characterised by established procedures for all operations to ensure reliable deliveries. Electronics are perishable goods. That is why we use separate storage spaces for each date code. Our warehouses are humidity-controlled and protected against dust and electrostatic discharge. This ensures that the components you receive are of the highest possible quality. What we do not have in stock, we procure quickly and efficiently through our global purchasing channels, making things reliable and easy for you.

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